Origin Energy


 Origin are hoping to develop two community wind turbines in Norton, South Yorkshire. The proposed scheme is 2 x 2.5 MW and a planning application is currently being finalised. The project would deliver around 13 GWh of energy each year to the grid and raise £250,000 annually for the community. Norton Energy Community will administer the profits an behalf of the community to invest in the environment and local sustainable businesses.
Origin carried out a detailed feasibility study across the Parish of Weaverthorpe in Ryedale, east Yorkshire and identified several opportunities including wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy production that could be taken forward by the community.
Great Houghton The Parish Council of Great Houghton invited us to investigate how the Parish might investigate routes to take advantage of renewable energy potential. We looked at how this could be taken forward on a community ownership basis so that profits could be returned for investment. The study found that wind, methane gas extraction and geothermal energy might be appropriatly owned by the commmunity.
Sitlington On behalf of the Parish Council we looked at the potential for the community of Sitlington in West Yorkshire to get involved in generating their own energy and becoming more sustainable. The report showed how they could use wind, biomass, hydro and geo-thermal energy from the old mines to achieve their goals.